Autism Society Business Supporter Program

PrintThe Autism Society is constantly exploring ways to deliver on its mission: Improving the lives of all affected by autism. With this as a guiding philosophy, we’re moving forward in an effort to keep our community better informed of businesses, products and services that are drawn to a similar calling. We receive hundreds of requests from businesses and organizations each year that have something of value to offer our community. In the spirit delivering quality information, valuable resources, and improving lives, we’re bringing our community the Autism Society Business Supporter program. As a friend of the Autism Society, we hope you find this another valuable resource. We urge you to patronize those businesses who value and respect all individuals with autism and their families. We invite you explore this program and to share it with your family and friends. If your organization is interested in becoming either a Business Supporter, please contact us. *Participation in the Autism Society Business Supporters program does not imply endorsement or partnership of products and services. 2014-2015 Autism Society Business Supporters* The Autism Society recognizes the following entities as Autism Society Business Supporters. Each featured business or organization has made a considerable contribution to the Autism Society. It’s also important to note, Autism Society Business Supporters designate a portion of their proceeds to the Autism Society. We hope you will consider exploring what Autism Society Business Supporters can offer!

Amazon Make a purchase through the Autism Society’s bookstore and a portion of the sale is donated to the Autism Society!
Autism on the Seas Autism on the Seas If you’ve always wanted to go on a cruise but your loved one on the spectrum needs special accommodations to enjoy the voyage, look to Autism on the Seas. This group works with cruise lines to provide autism-friendly cruises with features like special events, dietary accommodations and staff trained in helping people with autism. Cruise over to to learn more and book a cruise!Exclusive Offer for Autism Society Members Join or renew your Autism Society membership and receive a $40 on-board credit when you book a cruise with Autism on the Seas! To receive your on-board credit, enter ‘AS Member’ on the Discount Code section of the booking form. Autism on the Seas will also make a donation on your behalf to the Autism Society of America.**$40 guest on-board credit applies to active Autism Society members only. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and verification for awarding the $40 onboard credit. For every booked cruise using the promo code (AS Member), Autism on the Seas will donate $50 on the guest’s behalf to the Autism Society.Join or Renew Your Membership Today!
 beadrelief Bead Relief Bead Relief partners with amazing organizations in order to raise awareness and donations through the sale of their unique, fun, multicolored bracelets. They have made giving a part of their daily lives by creating a company that provides an ethically sourced, functional, and fashionable product while supporting the causes of their non-profit partners.
Bradford Exchange Your premier destination for limited-edition collectibles, personalized jewelry gifts, artistic apparel, home decor, and much more.
Champagne’s Energy Champagne’s Energy is a full sales and service energy company specializing in Wholesale and Retail supply and delivery of Propane, #2 Fuel Oil, K-1 Kerosene, Diesel Fuel, and Gasoline in Southern Maine and Southeast New Hampshire. Champagne’s Energy also specializes in appliance and equipment sales, installation, and service for residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, agricultural, and construction customers.
 flaghouse FlagHouse FlagHouse is a premier global supplier of equipment and resources for physical education, sports, fitness, and recreation and for health, special needs, special education, sensory integration, and multisensory environments.
 iLocTechnologies iLOC Technologies, Inc. iLOC Technologies Inc., a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge, personal safety & wandering notification solutions, has launched the iLOC GIVES BACK program, which allows families in the autism community to receive a $40.00 discount towards the purchase of the TRiLOC® while also donating $40.00 to the Autism Society to help them care for many more families with loved ones on the Spectrum. Worn on the wrist, the TRiLOC® incorporates the latest in GPS, 3G/4G cellular network and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technologies to accurately and quickly communicate the individual’s location, right to your computer, cellular or Smart Phone. To take advantage of this wonderful offer, visit, enter PROMO CODE: ASA40 and help the Autism Society give back to the community. You may also call 855-987-4562 or email
 Dreampad Logo 1.0 iLs Dreampad The Dreampad is a soft, comfy pillow which delivers relaxing music through a vibration that only the user can hear. Very popular with sensory kids and those on the autism spectrum (as well as their parents) to help with sleep! Enter the promo code AUTDREAMPAD at checkout for a $30 discount on the Dreampad and $20 of the purchase will also be donated to the Autism Society.
Inspire Giving, Capella University When students connect with the Capella community and reach key academic milestones they earn points that equal $1 each they can designate to the Autism Society.
 jamberry_nails Jamberry Nails Jamberry Nails is passionate about making a great product and keeping up with the latest trends in designs. Jamberry Nails donates $2.00 for every sheet of our exclusive Autism Awareness nail wrap purchased to the Autism Society. Also be sure to check out their Autism Awareness Juniors nail wraps!
 jbcbus JBC & Associates JBC & Associates is a retail management company specializing in variable cost retail operating services tailored to meet the ever changing retail environment. Their mission is to enable their partners to grow their sales and profits as efficiently as possible. In addition to supporting the Autism Society of America, they also are active contributors to their local Autism Society affiliates and its fundraising efforts.
 musicians_for_a_cause Musicians for a Cause Musicians for a Cause was founded to harness the power of music to inspire compassion and support for worthy causes.
 pura-vida-bracelets-2 Pura Vida Bracelets Every bracelet purchased helps provide full time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. Also, a portion of the proceeds of each sale of the exclusively designed Autism Awareness bracelet collection is donated to the Autism Society.
 senseez Senseez These colorful, lightweight, fun shaped vinyl pillows offer a gentle vibration when they are squeezed or sat on. They operate on batteries and offer vibration to relax, calm, or soothe the body. Kids that have trouble sitting for meals, stories, car rides, shopping trips, school work, movies, or anything else will be comforted by the vibrations of the Senseez. Kids that have trouble falling asleep will enjoy the relaxation of the sensations. Use them at home! Use them at school! Use them in restaurants or on the go!
Enter the coupon code autism at checkout and you will receive a 20% discount off Senseez products! In addition, 10% of each purchase will be donated to support the efforts of the Autism Society.
 snugvest Snug Vest Snug Vest is an award-winning therapy vest that inflates to feel like a hug. It helps individuals with autism and sensory disorders stay calm and focused by providing adjustable and evenly distributed pressure to the torso. This comforting hug-like squeeze helps reduce anxiety, meltdowns, and self-injury in kids and adults with sensory challenges. The stylish Snug Vest promotes independence as the user can take control and self-regulate by inflating their vest discretely to get the exact amount of safe pressure they require. Enter the promo code ASASNUG at checkout for a $35 discount on the Snug Vest and $35 of the purchase will be donated to the Autism Society.
cardpartner UMB Visa® Make your own statement with your choice of custom Autism Society Visa® Platinum Rewards Cards! Funds from our Visa® program will help us improve the lives of all affected by autism. Apply today at
 zazzleLetterform_black (2) Zazzle Spread autism awareness and inspiration to others by using our custom postage.

*Participation in the Autism Society Business Supporter program does not imply endorsement or partnership of products and services.